Friday, September 7, 2012

How one new table relation may break your code somewhere

Yesterday I spent some time figuring out why intercompany functionality on my box stopped working after upgrade to CU3. No errors were thrown - it just didn't create IC chains, although the setup was correct. There were no recent changes in the TFS history that would help understand why that happened.

Whyle debugging, I found that the quiry used to fetch sales lines was broken in some method. In the standard, it linked SalesLine and InventTable by using QueryBuildDataSource.relations() method, passing true as a parameter. In the customized version of SalesLine, another relation to InventTable was added, linking a new SalesLine field with InventTable.ItemId field. So, the relations method desided that this is the new relation that should be used when building a query for IC chain creation.

It was not an issue before the upgrade, as the old relation was still selected properly. But somehow the upgrade updated IDs or whatever that determined in which priority the relations should be used by relations method.

So, beware of that effect next time you add a table relation.

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