Wednesday, July 4, 2012

AIF: Mind auto-generated Axd<DocumentName>.findCorrespondingAxBC method


You have just created a document service with the wizard. You need the document to contain an unbound value. So, you create a display method on one of the tables, and add a corresponding parm-method to Ax<TableName> class. Then you refresh the services, but the new field is not presented in the schema.


Check the new Axd<DocumentName> class. By default, it may have findCorrespondingAxBC method, overriding the base class method and always returning classnum(AxCommon). This is why your new parm-method in the Ax<TableName> class is ignored.

P. S. There are actually TODOs added to the auto-generated methods. It may be a good idea to clean up the TODOs first, and then continue with the service development.

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